turning led lights on and off shorten their life

Does Turning LED Lights On And Off Shorten Their Life?

Due to energy crises, many people turn off the lights while leaving the room or house. It’s a good thing but what happens if you turn the lights on and off frequently?

Have you ever imagined that turning LED lights on and off shorten their life?

LED bulbs don’t need to be turned on and off regularly. You can leave them on for an extended period.

In this article, we will guide you on Why it is bad to turn LED lights on and off and does this act uses more electricity or not.

Is it Bad to Turn LED Lights ON and Off?

When we frequently turn on and off the bulb, it causes thermal stress which contributes to the degradation of the semiconductor and components of bulbs.

This will not affect the bulb suddenly but it leads to slow damage to the bulb and the bulb loses its performance over time.

Moreover,  the rapid temperature changes cause thermal expansion and contraction of wires and potentially affect the integrity of wires. Also, the repeated use of switches can affect the contact and spring of switches.

Does Flicking a Light Switch Blow the Bulb?

Flicking a light switch doesn’t typically blow a bulb. However, it gradually lost performance and reduced the lifespan of the bulb.

In the case of other types of bulbs, bulbs need more current to initiate. When we frequently turn the switch on and off it leads to the risk of damage to the bulb components and causes it to blow.

But LED bulbs, need a low and constant power to operate. If you flick the switch continuously, it will immediately not affect the performance of the bulb. It causes tear and wear among components over time and shortens the lifespan of the bulb.

Does Turning LED Lights On And Off Use More Electricity?

turning led lights on and off use more electricity

If you keep turning the LED bulbs on and off regularly, it does not use more electricity. LED bulbs are energy-saving light bulbs, they are more efficient and use constant power during switching.

So, they don’t require any extra power for startup and don’t use more electricity.  However, the frequent on-off cycle affects the performance of the bulb.

Is It Better to Leave LED Lights On or Turn Them Off?

In general, if there is no need to keep the lights off. Although LED light bulbs are energy-efficient light bulbs still you need to be careful about their usage to reduce your electricity bill and power consumption.

If you are considering that Is it bad to leave the LED lights on all the time? then it’s not bad to leave them on all the time. LED lights can be left on 24/7 and have a longer lifespan. You still need to know when to keep the lights on and when to keep them off?

However, it’s better to keep the lights on while you are awake. When you are sleeping or you are out of the room for an extended period, it is better to turn off the lights.


There are many misconceptions that LED lights cannot be affected by frequent on-off. But in general, if you turn the LED lights on and off regularly it has no immediate effect on a light bulb, but the bulb loses its performance over time.

To avoid this, you can leave LED lights on overnight. So you don’t need to turn LED lights on and off continuously. But you should turn them off if you leave the room. Also, keep the extra lights off at night. This can help to control electrical bills.

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