can you sleep with led strip lights on

Can You Sleep With LED Strip Lights On?

Dark rooms are better for a peaceful sleep. When we come home from the office, school or college, we always love to sleep in a dark room for mental peace. When we sleep in the dark, our body gets ready to sleep and helps to release stress and fatigue.

However, certain people among us can’t sleep in the dark. They used to leave lights on while for many reasons. Many people prefer to use LED strip lights at night because they are efficient and consume less power.

Along with these features people are still confused about the effects of strip lights on their safety and health.

Now you must be thinking the same thing “Can You Sleep With LED Strip Lights On?”

The answer may be yes or no depending on the type of LED strips you used and the colours you used at night.

Here is a complete guide about what will happen if you leave the strip lights on while sleeping.

Is It OK To Sleep With LED Strip Lights On All Night?

As LED strips are the most popular lighting mode, people prefer them over other ordinary light bulbs due to their unique features.

If you want to use LED strips for lighting at night, you don’t need to worry about the health and lifespan of LED strips.

You can leave LED strips ON all night if you are using quality LED strips. Otherwise, you must be careful because cheap LED strips overheat with time if you use them continuously.

But if you are using quality LED strips and use them all night, this will not affect the lifespan or working of LED strips.

The reason is that LED strips are the most efficient lighting technology. They produce a minimum amount of heat that doesn’t cause them to overheat.

Overheating of LED strips depends on the brightness level. If you want to leave them ON all night, then reduce the brightness level or avoid using bright light colours.

Moreover, they are less power consumers, so it will not increase your electricity bill if you use them all night without any pause.

How Long Can You Leave LED Strip Lights On?

The longevity of LED strips depends on the quality of LED strips and the environmental conditions where you install them.

If you are using high-quality strip lights and place them in favourable conditions such as a place where strips can easily dissipate heat, then you can leave them ON 24/7.

If you use low-quality and cheap LED strips, they will heat up immediately after some time and you can’t use them overnight.

It can cause damage to LED strip lights. Also, it may lead to many other damages to the materials near strip lights.

So, you should use High-quality strip lights that ensure your safety.

Can LED Light Strips Affect Health If You Sleep With Them?

Dark rooms are better for sleep and release stress. If you are one of them who can’t sleep in lights then you should avoid using lights in your bedroom at night. It will not only affect your sleep cycle but also affect your mental and biological health regarding poor sleep.

But if you are a light lover or you can’t sleep in the dark then you can leave LED strips ON at night.

LED strips are a better choice than other lighting options, if they don’t emit UV radiations or emit in very low amounts.

So, you are safe if you use LED strips at night. Here are certain colours that will not interrupt your sleep if you use them at night.

You can use warm colours at night such as red, amber and warm yellow. Such colours help to sleep peacefully and relax the mind and body.

You should avoid blue and green colours lights while sleeping. These colours reduce sleep quality which results in depression, anxiety, insomnia and obesity. This will affect your mental health and you will no longer be able to focus on your goals. If you want to explore further, you can find the complete guide right here.

How To Reduce the Impact Of LED Strip Lights On Sleep?

If you’re one of those people who can’t sleep at night without the lights for whatever reason you should be careful about your safety and health.

For your safety, you should use good-quality strip lights and install them in a place where they can dissipate heat easily.

For your health, you should know which are the colours of light that can have harmful effects on your health and which are the colours that you can use safely.

As discussed above you can use warm colours safely such as red, amber and yellow colour. Further, you should avoid green and blue colours to reduce health risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to sleep with strip lights on?

Ans. Yes, you are but you need some precautions:

  • Use high-quality strips
  • Install them under favourable conditions
  • Use warm colours

2. Do LED strip lights affect sleep quality?

Ans. Yes, LED strips affect your sleep if you use bright colours. To better sleep use warm colours with low brightness.

3. Can LED strips cause insomnia or sleep disorders?

Ans. If LED strips do not affect your sleep quality then it will not lead to such disease. These diseases can caused by poor and improper sleep.

4. Is it safe to keep LED strip lights on overnight?

Ans. Yes, LED strips are safe to leave ON all night. If you want to use them in bedrooms set them on warm light to promote better sleep.

5. Do LED lights consume a lot of energy if left on overnight?

Ans. No, LED strips will not consume a lot of electricity. LED strips are a more efficient mode of lighting and consume less power than other bulbs.

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