can you put led strip lights on metal

Can You Put LED Strip Lights On Metal?

LED strips are not only used for the purpose of decoration. Mostly, people use them to create a lighting effect that matches their mood. It creates an aesthetic environment while you turn off all other light bulbs.

Mostly,  you have observed that people install LED strips on wood, and concrete walls, or put LED light strips on fabrics.

If you have metallic walls in your home or any other metallic surface on which you want to install LED strips. The first thing that comes to your mind will be Can you put LED strip Lights on Metal?

Yes, you can put LED strips on the metallic surfaces. But first, you need to know on which type of metallic surfaces you can install LED strips and how can you install them.

Can You Stick LED Strip On Metal?

Yes, you can easily install LED strips on metallic surfaces.

The metallic surfaces are of many types. You can easily mount LED strips on each type of surface.

If you have installed LED strips before, you can use the same method here.

But if you’ve never installed them before, don’t worry. We’ll guide you step by step on how to install LED strips on metallic surfaces.

On Which Type Of Surfaces You Can Put LED Strip Lights?

Before moving on to how to install LED strips, you should know on which surfaces you can install them.

The things we have in our homes are made of different types of metal. You can easily install LED strips on the surfaces such as:

1. Steel

If you install LED strips on the steel, it will work for a long time. The surface should be clean and rust-free for the proper working of LED strips.

2. Stainless Steel

A stainless steel surface is the best option if you install LED strips in outdoor spaces or in humid environments. It works as a resistance to corrosion and keeps strips safe.

3. Aluminium

Aluminum surfaces are safe and secure for the installation of LED strips. Due to their lightweight,  they are commonly used for LED strips. Such surfaces have also good heat dissipation properties that keep strips safe from overheating.

4. Galvanized Metal

The metallic surfaces that are coated with zinc are galvanized surfaces. Such surfaces are suitable for the installation of LED strips and prevent the surface from corrosion.

5. Metallic Painted Surface

Any type of metal that is well painted, you can use to mount LED strips. If the paint is of good quality then it will not affect the lifespan of adhesive and LED strips.

Type Of Metal You Can Not Put Led Strip Lights On

The surfaces where you can’t mount LED strips are dirty and non-painted metallic surfaces.

If you install LED strips on a surface that is not clean and dry, they will not adhere properly. After some time adhesive loses its grip and makes LED strips fall down.

Also, non-painted surfaces get rusted soon and cause much damage.

Let’s suppose you use non-painted surfaces, it can damage the metal due to corrosion and affect the performance of LED strips and the lifespan of adhesive. Sometimes, it can also lead to electrical hazards, if Strips are not installed properly or if there is any exposed wire.

So, while installing make sure the metallic surface is clean and well painted to reduce any risk and increase the lifespan of adhesive and LED strips.

Is It Safe To Put LED Strips On Metal Bed Frame?

It may be safe or not. It depends on the type of LED strips and the way of use.

If you want to mount LED strips on a metal bed frame, it may cause electrical hazards. So, to avoid electrical hazards you have to buy LED strips that have a low voltage rating to reduce the risks.

While installing LED strips, use a strong adhesive or mounting clips to adhere LED strips properly. It will stop LED strips from falling.

After the installation, you have to be careful about the direct contact of LED strips with flammable material such as pillows or curtains. This may lead to fire hazards.

You have to inspect LED strips regularly. If you find any damage in the wire or any loose connection, you have to repair it immediately to keep your house safe.

Which Methods You Can Use To Stick LED Strips?

There is no one specific method that you can use to install LED strips. But you need to check whether the surface you want to use the LED strips on is, suitable for it.

So, you can choose the method that’s easy and beneficial for you.

As you are going to work with metallic surfaces, here are three main three methods you can use to install LED strips on a metallic surface.

1. Using Adhesive Tape

This is the common and simple method to install LED strips on Metallic surfaces. You can use the adhesive that is specially designed to stick LED strips on metal. You can use Command Strips for this purpose.

Adhesive tape is easy to install and remove.

If you want to change the Location of LED strips after some time, you can easily remove them and re-stick in the other place.

Here are the steps to install LED strips using Adhesive tape:

  1. Choose the location and clean it properly.
  2. Let the surface dry.
  3. Peel off the backing from the adhesive and stick it to the location where you want to mount it.
  4. Press firmly on the tape.
  5. Peel off the backing from the LED strips and stick it to the adhesive tape.
  6. Wait for a while to adhere to the strips properly.
  7. Secure the connection and connect strips to the power supply.

It may damage the surface of metal, if not removed properly

2. Use Mounting Clips

Using a mounting clip is another method to hang the LED strip on the metallic surfaces. For this method, you have to drill holes in the surface.

This is the secure method to mount LED strips. Choose this method only if you mount LED strips for a long time.

  1. Mark the location where you are going to install LED strips.
  2. Drill the holes according to the size of the screws.
  3. Take the mounting clips and screw them into the holes.
  4. Now, slide the LED strips into the mounting Clips.
  5. Connect the strips to the Power Source and enjoy secure lighting.

Tip: While working with mounting clips be careful. Do not over-tighten the mounting screws, this could damage the strips.

3. Using Magnets

Magnetic LED strips are specially designed for a metallic surface. You can easily buy them from any retail store.

Magnetic LED strips are easy to install and don’t require any screws, nails, adhesive or glue.  These strips are made from High-quality material and are resistant to dust and moisture.

Here are the steps to install magnetic LED strips:

  1. Clean the surface from dust and dirt.
  2. Cut the LED strips of your desired length. Make sure to cut at the mark of cutting.
  3. Remove the backing from the magnets and attach them to the metal.
  4. Make sure the Magnets are aligned properly.
  5. Now connect the LED strips to the power supply and enjoy new lighting.


You can easily Install LED strips on the metallic surfaces. But you have to be careful about:

  • The surface should be well-painted
  • The surface must be rust-free
  • Use appropriate adhesive
  • Do the proper installation

We have listed three different methods to install LED strips. If you want a temporary installation you can use adhesive.

But if you want long-term installation you should choose magnets or mounting clips. Both the methods are secure and easy to apply.

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