make black light with led strip lights

How To Make Black Light with LED Strip Lights

It has happened many times that you have seen a blacklight at any event or a party and it attracted your attention with a captivating glow. Have you ever thought that you could Make Black Light with LED strip lights?

Blacklight is one of the best lighting choices for fun and is an easy way to add excitement at parties, plays, events, and galleries that causes the things around you to glow and create a stunning atmosphere.

Creating black light with LED strips is not a difficult task. We will guide you through different techniques to create a blacklight effect step by step.

What is Black Light? Is It Safe For You or Not?

Black Light is a type of ultraviolet light. Just like the other fluorescent lamps it causes the things to glow in the dark. Although blacklight emits long-wave UV radiations that are not visible to the human eye some blacklight emits UVA radiations that are visible to the human eye. Such radiations are long-wave radiations that are safest for humans.


Tip: UVA radiations are safe for humans but UVB radiations are harmful and cause skin cancer. So avoid using UVB radiations.

As you now know blacklight is safe for you so you can apply blacklight effect in your rooms and at workspace. This will not only glow the things around you but also you can see the objects that cannot be seen in a visible light. Because in blacklight some colours absorb the UV radiations and emit the visible light.

Precaution: Avoid staring at the light source otherwise it will affect your eyes.

Install the Blacklight LED light strips

There are many ways to create a blacklight effect on your existing LED light strips.

But if you don’t have LED light strips or you don’t want to work with your existing strips then you can buy Blacklight LED Light Strips from any nearby retailers or online stores such as Amazon. Such strips are specifically designed to emit UV light and create a blacklight effect on the place where installed.

After buying the light strips you can easily install them by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Make a Black Light With LED light strip?

If you already have LED strip lights then you don’t need to buy blacklight LED strip lights. You can easily create a blacklight effect on your existing strip lights at home. There are many ways to create a blacklight effect you can choose any of them that’s easy for you.

1. Using a transparent tape

If you don’t have a remote controller LED strip lights and you want to create a darker effect without buying any material or new blacklight LED strip light then you can follow this method.

If you have white light LED strip lights then you can create a black light effect by using only transparent tape and blue color can also make a darker effect by using transparent tape.

If you want to choose a transparent tape then firstly you have to install white light LED strip lights.

After this, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: First take a transparent tape and apply it to all the bulbs of the strip light. Make sure that bulbs are fully covered with the tape.

Step 2: Now take a blue color and paint on the tape applied to the bulbs.

Step 3: Now again apply tape on all the bulbs and again color them blue.

Step 4: Now apply the third layer of tape on the bulbs and at that time apply a purple color on them.

Now turn in the power supply and you can observe the amazing blacklight effect at a very low budget.

2. Using a remote controller

You can also create a blacklight effect through the remote of LED light strips. You can choose this method if you want to create a blacklight effect without any effort.


remote with led strip lights

To change the color of the LED strip to black through a remote you need to install the High quality LED strip lights having a remote controller with a dynamic function. So, you can change the color of LEDs as darker as you can but not necessarily black.

If you have already installed the high-quality LED light strips then you can proceed to create the blacklight effect otherwise, you have to carefully install them as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

To create a blacklight effect firstly, turn on the power supply and select the dynamic function from the remote.

Check out all the color options until you find a purple or blue.

Now you can adjust its intensity as you need by using a remote.

3. Blacklight/UV filter

This is another option for you to create a blacklight effect by using a blacklight / UV filter. This will allow you to have more control over the intensity of the glow.

Firstly, you have to purchase the blacklight/ UV filter that is specially designed for the LED light strips. Buy it of your desired length.

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Now, cut the blacklight filter according to the length of the LED light strips.

Now you have to attach the filter on the light strips using adhesive or tape. Make sure there is no gap between the adhesive and the bulbs.

Turn on the power supply and your blacklight effect is ready to use.

4. DIY with fluorescent paint

This is the easy way to create a blacklight effect with LED strip lights.

If you already installed the LED light strips then you can easily create a blacklight effect by just applying fluorescent paint on the strips. Color absorbs the radiations of visible light and allows only UV radiations to pass through it.

Fluorescent paints are available in many colors such as white, blue, green, orange, and purple. and are easily available in hardware stores.

Follow these steps to create a blacklight effect.

  1. Turn off the power supply.
  2. Take blue or purple fluorescent paint and apply it on the frame and bulbs of LED light strips.
  3. Now turn on the power supply.


Blacklight LED light strips is the best choice to glow your surrounding. You don’t have to worry about your health because it’s not harmful to humans. But you have to avoid seeing it directly toward the light source.

It is not difficult to create a blacklight effect with your existing LED light strips. You can choose any of the techniques discussed in the article. We have covered all the steps in detail so that you can easily choose any one from them and work on it properly.

Create a blacklight LED light strip and enjoy it.

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