do led strip lights attract spider

Do LED Strip Lights Attract Spider ?

LED lights do not necessarily attract more spiders than other types of lighting.

Spiders are a problem in every home. Most people are scared of spiders and they want to get rid of them at any cost. But they don’t want to know the reasons why spiders start living in their houses.

If you once know the reason then it’s very easy for you to get rid of them.

You have heard from people that LED Strip Lights Attract Spiders.

Do you even believe that?

If you ask about spiders from your neighbours or any other non-LED user you will know they also have spiders in their homes.

So, where is the problem now?

Why spiders are attracted towards LED lights?

Generally, light doesn’t attract spiders. Light attracts small unwanted bugs that are food for spiders. So, where spiders find a source of food they start living there. That’s the reason you have seen spiders near the LED lights.

In this article, we will discuss why spiders are attracted towards LED light, which colours attract the spiders most and how can you get rid of unwanted bugs and spiders. Read this article till the end for amazing information that’s very helpful for you.

Why Spiders Are Attracted to LED Strip Lights?

Before going towards how you can get rid of spiders, you should know where spiders like to live and why they live around LED lights. So that you can easily chase them away from home۔

Mostly spiders live in places where they can easily find food. Spiders eat bugs and insects. When we turn on LED lights at night, bugs and insects are attracted towards the light. So, spiders like to live around LED lights because from that place they can easily and safely find food.

So now if you know where spiders like to live, you can easily drive them away from your home.

But here comes a problem you cannot turn off the light in your house.  Then how you can remove the spider from your home even light is turned on?

For this, you need to know which colour of light attracts spiders the most.

Which Colour of Light Attracts the Spider Most?

Most insects and bugs are attracted to light because light helps them to navigate at night. So they are mostly attracted to light colours.

Purple, white, blue, ultraviolet and green LED lights attract the greater amount of bugs and insects. So, these LED lights attract more spiders. According to research spiders are very sensitive to green colour as Green is the favourite colour of spiders. But they do not attract more green light because it repels their food source.

Moreover, the blue and purple light emitted by LED light strips is visible to insects so they are more attracted toward such lights.

Which Colour of Light Keeps Spiders Away?

Red and yellow LED lights attract the minimum amount of insects and bugs. So you can use these colours to minimize the chances of attraction of spiders.

But spiders hate the light blue colour and are never attracted to this colour. So, you can use the light blue colour of LED light strips to keep the spiders away.

Why Do Spiders Like Purple  Light?

Spiders like the purple colour the most. Because spiders choose the space for living where they can easily and safely find food.

Purple is the colour that attracts more bugs and insects due to the short wavelength of light. That’s why spiders like to live around light sources that emit purple colour so that they can easily find food.

How To Keep Spiders Away From Strip Lights?

Here are some methods to keep the spiders away from strip lights.

  1. Frequently cleaning the area around the strip lights is most important because when we clean the area on a daily basis, spiders find less or no food. Also, clean their webs daily to keep them away. So, they will never start living there anymore.
  2. For the places where you find the activities of spiders most, you can use some scents that the spider hates. Such as citrus, peppermint, tea tree, lavender, rose or cinnamon. By using such types of scents or sprays you can easily get rid of spiders.
  3. If you don’t have these scents or you don’t like the odour of these scents, you can also use vinegar. This is the natural and safe method to keep spiders away from light sources even from your house. Vinegar is a common household product that is mostly used to control pests with an odour that spiders hate. Take a spray bottle, add the same amount of white vinegar and water and mix it well. Now spry around LED light strips so that spiders would no longer stay there and never be attracted again.

How Can I Avoid LED Lights Attracting Spiders?

You can never completely avoid LED lights to attract spiders but you can control their attraction.

Make sure you have installed quality LED strip lights because they come with warm light. Set your strips to a warmer colour that avoids the attraction of bugs and keeps the spiders away.

The best colours to avoid spiders are light blue and yellow. Light blue is the colour that spiders hate most and yellow has a longer wavelength and keeps the insects away.

The other colours that you can choose are Red, Orange or Plain White. Such colours also attract fewer insects.

Do LED Lights Attract Bugs

The attraction of bugs towards the light depends on many factors such as brightness, environment and colours of light.

Bugs are more attracted towards bright and warm colours such as bright white or bluish light. These are most attractive to bugs and bugs like to live around the bulbs Emitting such lights.

In contrast,  green, yellow, orange or light blue colours of light attract fewer bugs. If you have these lights in your home then there is less chance of having bugs in your home.

The environment around the bulbs is also responsible for the attraction of bugs. If the area around the bulbs is dirty then there are more chances to attract bugs.

Make sure the area around the LED bulb is neat and clean and spray over the area that keeps the bugs away from light. You can use a spray like alcohol and vinegar.

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