can you put led strip lights on wood

Can You Put LED Strip Lights On Wood?

Can you put LED Strip Lights on Wood? This is the question that arises from the mind of almost every strip lover.

As we groom ourselves and our houses with time. In today’s era wooden decorations, and furniture are in demand and found in homes, offices, and everywhere. People use wood for the decoration of their houses. And LED strips add a stunning atmosphere to the wooden surface.

So, you might be thinking Can you put LED strips on the wood? Or is it safe to use Strips on the Wood?

In short, yes. You can install LED strips on the wood safely. Wooden surface is beneficial from other surfaces to mount LED strips and create an amazing environment.

In this article, I will answer all your questions and guide you properly about the LED strips and wood.

Can You Put LED Light Strips on Wooden Surfaces?

Yes, you can put LED strip lights on the wood. If you want to decorate wooden furniture, or artwork or light the dark corners under the desk, kitchen cabinets, or bookshelf,  you can easily install LED strips here.

First, you need to know what kind of surfaces LED light strips can be installed on.

The surface should be smooth so that LED strip lights will not fall down easily. Rough surfaces didn’t allow the adhesive to stick completely and the adhesive lost its grip over time. So, install LED strips only on the smooth surface.

Moreover, the common adhesives will not work on the wooden surfaces, you have to use the suitable adhesive to mount LED strips on the wood.

Can Mounting LED Strips On Wood Cause Fire Hazards?

No, mounting LED strips on wood doesn’t cause fire hazards. They are low voltage and produce less heat than other ordinary bulbs. So, it is safe to mount LED strips on the wood.

However, you have to be more careful while installing. One small mistake can cause damage to LED strips and sometimes cause fire Hazards. While installing LED strips make sure that your strips are not faulty. And you have installed them properly.

Moreover, avoid using too many LED strips for a single power source. It increases the load and can cause overheating and risk of fire.

Benefits of Using LED Light Strips on Wood

It’s the best option to choose LED strip lights to decorate wooden surfaces. It has many benefits that you can’t enjoy on other surfaces.

If you install LED strips on the concrete wall, there may be a risk of damaging of wall and paint. And when you remove strips, it leaves behind some residue. Learn how to safely remove LED light strips without damaging paint.

Here are the benefits you can enjoy on a wooden surface.

1. Ease of Installation

Although installing LED strips is easy and you can do it by yourself without the help of any expert.

You can easily install it by following the steps of installation. You can use them temporarily and permanently both. There will not be any risk of overheating as wood is not a conductor of heat.

2. No Risk of Damaging Paint or Wall

If you install LED strips on the concrete surface, there will be a risk that the adhesive can damage the surface and paint of the wall. However, if you install LED strips on the wood, there will be no risk of damaging the surface or paint. Whenever you want to remove it, you can easily do it.

3. Durability

Wooden surfaces do not affect the durability of adhesive. If you are doing permanent installation you can easily use any type of adhesive.

If you want a permanent installation, you need to use Double-sided foaming tape. Or you can drill LED strips into the wood for secure installation.

4. Low Maintenance

LED strips in wood require very low maintenance over time.

If you use strips on any other surface, you need to maintain them over time. But wood requires no maintenance or very low maintenance over the years.

Where You Can Mount LED Strips On The Wooden Surface?

There will be many places in your home where you can use LED strips. Sometimes creative ideas never come to our mind and we are stuck to decide what have to do.

Here are some ideas, you can easily enhance the environment of your home by creating aesthetic lighting effects using LED strip lights that can be mounted on wooden surfaces.

Under Cabinets

Mounting LED strip lights under the cabinet adds a primary look to the atmosphere of the Kitchen. It glows on the countertop and will never make you bored while working in the kitchen.

But always mount the LED strips in a well-ventilated area and keep them away from the stove. Because steam from the stove can damage LED strips.

Along Staircases

Many people install a bulb at the top of the stairs, which creates a very boring look. If you have wooden stairs in your house, you can install LED strip lights in them. It will add an attractive accent at night.

If you have decided to mount LED strips along Staircases then avoid splashing water to keep LED strips safe.

Around Mirrors

You can also put LED strips of light around the mirrors in your Dressing room, bathroom, or Gallery. It will not only provide better lighting for grooming and makeup applications but also you can create aesthetic videos and pictures here.

Wooden Furniture

LED strips of light can be used to decorate any type of wooden furniture. If you have TV stands, sideboards,  headboards book shelves in your home, you can put LED strip lights on them to create a unique lighting effect.

Artwork and wooden panels

Other than wooden furniture, if you have any type of wooden artwork and panels in your home you can easily install LED strips here. It will highlight the textures and details, providing an elegant look.

Wooden ceiling

If you want to mount LED strips on a wooden ceiling, it will create a dramatic lighting effect in the room and enhance the visual appeal of the ceiling. As LED light strips are flexible, you can install them in various patterns to customize your room.

Outdoor spaces

LED strips are also available in the weather-resistant version that are specially designed to decorate the outdoor space. You can use them to decorate the outdoor furniture or install them on trees.

What is the best Adhesive for Mounting LED Strip Lights on Wood?

LED strip lights come with adhesive but can’t be used on the wooden surface. Many adhesives didn’t work on the wooden surface and lost their grip over time. That’s why LED strips Fall off after some days or months.

So, while installing LED strips on the wood you have to choose the adhesive that ensures the safety of LED strips and doesn’t cause them to fall off.

Double-sided foaming tape is easily available in online stores or any retail store. You can use it to mount an LED strip on the wood.

The lifespan of adhesive not only depends on the quality and type of adhesive. If you want to increase its life span then install LED strips carefully according to instructions and choose the locations that don’t affect the stickiness of adhesive.

How To Install LED Light Strips On Wood?

install led light strips on woodInstalling LED strip lights is not a difficult task. If you have already worked with LED strips then it’s so easy for you. But if you haven’t done it before, you can also easily mount them without any difficulty.  But you have to be careful about each step.

You can follow these steps to install LED strips on the Wood.

  1. Gather the supplies that you need to install LED strips. Such as strips, power supply, controller, wires, and adhesive.
  2. Prepare the surface for installation. Choose a smooth surface and clean it with a piece of wet cloth or rubbing alcohol. If the wood is painted, remove the paint. Otherwise, it will affect the stickiness of the adhesive.
  3. Measure the Length and cut the LED strips according to the required length. Make sure you cut the strips at the mark of cutting.
  4. Apply the adhesive on the backside of the LED strips and carefully attach them to a clean and dry surface.
  5. Connect the LED strip with the power supply.
  6. Connect the control box (if available) to the power supply according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. Secure the wires using clips to prevent LED strips from falling.

Now you can enjoy your LED strips.

Can I Drill LED Strips In Wood?

Yes, if you want to mount LED permanently in wood you can drill it. It’s safe and secure and your  LED strip stays for a long time without falling off.

Further, be careful. Do not damage the electrical components of strips while drilling.

Follow these steps to Drill LED strips into the wood.

  1. Firstly, gather the material you need to drill LED strips. You need LED strips, screws, a drill machine, appropriate drill bits, and a screwdriver.
  2. Choose the drill bit that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the screws.
  3. Drill holes in LED strips carefully and then align them and mark the points on the wood.
  4. Now drill holes in the wood according to the marked points.
  5. Peel off the back of the LED strip’s adhesive and attach the strips to the wood. Make sure the holes of strips and wood are aligned.
  6. Now take screws and insert them into the holes. Tight the screws with the help of a screwdriver.
  7. Now connect the power supply. And your LED strips are ready for use.

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