can you put led strip lights on fabric

Can You Put Led Strip Lights On Fabric

Although LED strip light is a good choice for the decoration of a home or lighting dark corners. You can also use them for lighting the back side of the bed, couch, or the seats of a car. For this purpose, you have to deal with the fabric.

Is it possible to put LED strips on the fabric?

By now you may have only heard that LED strips of light can be installed only on the hard surface. Then how can you put LED strip lights on the fabric? Because the fabric is not a hard surface.

Yes, it is possible to install LED strips on the fabric. LED strips are lightweight, so you can easily stick them on fabric but the techniques are quite different than normal installation.

All your questions are answered in this article. We will guide you

  •  Methods to Install LED Strips on Fabric
  •  Which Adhesives work with Fabric
  • Put LED Strips on Fabric is safe or not

Do LED Strips Require Special Fabric Adhesive?

When you buy LED strip lights, they will have self-adhesive tape on the backside. You can easily install them without buying any other adhesive material. You just have to peel off the tape and stick it on the surface where you want to install them.

The factors you should keep in mind before installing are

  1. The surface should be flat
  2.  The surface should be clean and dry
  3. Environmental conditions should be good enough to circulate fresh air.

But the fabric is a different case. Fabrics are flexible and have uneven surfaces. So, you might face problems while installing strip lights on fabric. There might be a chance to fall down of strip lights after some time.

In this case, you have to change the method of installation or use another adhesive that is specially designed to hold LED strips on the Fabric.

How Do You Stick LED Strips To Fabric?

LED strip lights are not only made to stick on a solid surface. You can also install them on the fabric surfaces.

But you have to do it in some other creative ways. Fabric surfaces are different from solid surfaces. So you can’t use the same techniques.

Here are some methods about how to attach LED strips to Fabric. After reading this you will be able to install LED strips on the fabric easily.

1. Adhesive Strips

Some adhesive strips have a strong effect when we use them to install strip lights on the fabric. The adhesive tapes are available in different sizes and different quality. You have to choose the right size for your LED strips.

Fabric-friendly Velcro strips and Command strips are commonly used to put LED strips on the fabric. These adhesives are strong enough to hold the strips firmly and prevent them from falling off.

You can also use these strips for temporary installation of strips on the fabric. Because these are removable without damaging the fabric or leaving any residue. It will also depend on the type of fabric and strength of the adhesive.

2. Fabric Glue

If you want to attach LED strips to the fabric permanently, you can use Fabric glue.

Fabric Glue is strong glue and it’s harder to remove it from the fabric. So, it will not let your strips fall down.

Whenever you want to remove the strips you will need to use rubbing alcohol. It will not be easy to remove them, sometimes it damages the fabric or discolor it.

You can choose the Fabric glue if you want to install LED strips for a long time.

3. Stitching

This is the more effective method to stick the LED strip light on the fabric. This is a safe method and will not damage either strips or fabric.

This method is more effective in a way that LED strips will never let down for a couple of years. Whenever you want to remove the Strip lights, you can easily remove them without any damage to the fabric.

You will face only one problem. You have to buy a sewing machine, that costs more or you need to pay someone that do it for you.

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Is it Safe to Put LED Lights on Fabric?

 In general, LED strips are safe to put on fabric. But you need to be more careful.

Use good quality LED strips that are designed for the safe use of fabrics. Although LED strips produce less heat, make sure never to cover them with any non-breathable material while they are turned on.

Never let the LED strips stay on for a long time. This will result in overheating of the strips and it can cause fire.

If you want to avoid fire or any damage to the Strips, you need to use an Aluminum channel. First, stick the strip lights to the aluminum channel and then install them on the fabric. This will allow strips to dissipate heat in the environment continuously and prevent them from overheating.

Will LED Strip Lights Fade Fabric?

Ultraviolet light is not safer for the fabric and fades its color. While buying the strip light for fabric you have to keep in mind which Strip is safer for fabric.

The LED strips that produce UV light will not only fade the fabric, it will also damage the fabric.

The LED stripe that produces a small amount of UV light or no UV light, are safer for the fabric and protect the fabric from damaging or fading.

So, be careful and choose the best Strip Lights if you want to install them on the fabric.


If you want to install LED strips on the fabric, you need to know which method you can choose to install them safely. The adhesive on the back of LED strips is not strong enough to stick completely on uneven surfaces such as fabric. So you need to use some other adhesives that can hold strip lights on the fabric.

Moreover, if you are afraid of damage to the fabric by adhesive,  you can stick the Strip lights on the fabric without damaging it. Also, you can easily remove Strips and reuse them in another place.

While dealing with Strip lights on the fabric, you should be more careful with the heat management. Always use good quality strips and install them in such a way that strips can easily dissipate heat.

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