are led strip lights allowed in dorms

Are LED Strip Lights Allowed In Dorms ?

Indeed, LED strips are a great choice for decorating any space but Students mostly use these lights in their rooms where they often study late at night. They used these lights to create a stunning atmosphere that doesn’t let them get bored. And they enjoy their studies in a colorful atmosphere.

However, it is not necessary that all students complete their education by staying at home. Some children do not have good schools or colleges in their area, due to which they have to migrate to other cities and live in hostels.

If you are such a student who has to go out of the city for studies and have to stay in hostels, would you use LED strips light there too?

To use LED strips in dorm rooms you first have to confirm, Are LED strip lights allowed in dorms or Not.

Some owners allow LED strips in their dorms while others do not. Because there will be a risk of wall damage and electrical hazards.

So, if you want to use LED strip lights in your dorm room, first you have to get permission from the owner of the room. Without his permission, you can’t be able to use LED strips.

Why are LED Strips Not Allowed in the Dorm?

LED strips are not allowed in the dorm rooms because the owner of the rooms believe that the LED strips can damage the walls and color of their rooms.

Moreover, LED strips are believed to cause short circuits and should not be placed by children where they may overheat and cause a fire.

To avoid such types of damage owners of many dorms don’t allow LED strips in their dorms.

If you are in such a dorm where LED strips are allowed then during the installation of LED strips avoid drilling in the wall. Driving results in the damage of the wall and you may have to pay the fine.

Another thing is if you are going to install LED strips, use an adhesive that is specially designed for temporary use. Otherwise, when you put them off from the wall it will cause damage to the paint of the wall. And then you will have to repair it at your own expense.

There may be a risk of short circuits if LED strips are not installed properly. So if you have no experience with LED strips, you can hire an electrician who can do this for you. This will be safe for the room and you both.

The last thing is, to avoid the overuse of LED strips, turn them off while you are leaving the room or while sleeping.

Remember that if you cause any damage to the room, you have to pay for it.

Can You Install LED Strip Lights In Dorms?

When you rent a dorm room, you have to sign a contract that spells out all the terms and conditions of how you can live in that room and what things you’re allowed.

When signing up agreement, it is mentioned clearly whether you can use strip lights or not.

If the agreement states that you are not allowed to use the strip light, you have to ignore LED strips completely.

But if it is mentioned in the agreement that you are allowed to use LED strips, you can install them in your dorms.

But getting permission doesn’t mean that you can damage the walls or paint the room. If you want to install the LED strips then you have to install them in a way that when you remove them it will not damage walls. Because when you leave the room, you have to leave it back in the same condition as you took it. So don’t cause any permanent damage.

How To Mount Strip Lights Without Damaging Walls?

mount led strip lights

If you want to install the LED strip lights without damaging the wall, you have to use an adhesive that is specially designed for a short time. Because when you leave the room, you have to remove them from the wall. So, choose the adhesive that will not damage the walls or paint when you remove the LED strips.

While installing the strips, choose a well-ventilated area to avoid overheating of the strips. Overheating not only damage the strips but sometimes it can cause fire. So, be careful about everything.

Tip: Choose the strip lights of 12 Volts to avoid fire. Because due to low voltage, they will never overheat.

Before mounting the LED strips in your dorm room, apply LED strips on a small area to check whether they will damage the wall or not.

For checking, stick the LED on the small area and leave it for 2-3 days. After that, peel it off and check whether it affected the walls and paint or not.

If the paint peels off along with the strips, then avoid LED strips in your room. And you can easily repair the small area. You can check the complete guide on How to Remove LED Strip Lights from the Wall.

But if the wall and paint are in good condition then you can safely install the LED strips without damaging the wall and paint.

Now follow these steps to install LED strips in dorm rooms safely.

  1. Select the location where you want to mount LED strips and measure the length. Buy the LED strips of your desired length.

TIP: If you purchase LED strips that have a length more than you need, you can easily cut them and use both parts of the Strips. For the complete guide check How to Cut Daybetter LED strips

  1. Choose an adhesive that is designed for short-term usage. You can also choose double-sided tape for temporary use.
  2. Clean the area where you are going to install the LED Strips. You can clean it with a cloth, water, or Vinegar. After cleaning let it for a while to dry completely.
  3. Peel off the backside of the adhesive and apply it on the surface of the wall. Press it for 1 minute to make sure it’ll completely stick.
  4. If there is an excessive strip then cut it at the mark of cutting.
  5. Now plug the LED strips into the power source and install the controller using adhesive.

Now you can safely enjoy  LED strips in your Dorm room and enjoy the stunning scenes while studying.

What Is the Best Location To Install an LED Light Strip In Your Dorm?

installing led light strips

There may be different places in the dorms where you can install LED strips. We will guide you not only about the best locations but also the safe locations that help to avoid any type of fire hazard and overheating.

  1. The first place where you can install LED strips is under the shelves. As you are a student your room will definitely have a book shelf. You can brighten the dark corners under bookshelves using Strips Light. Put the shelf near the window for good ventilation. Otherwise, your strips will be damaged due to overheating.
  2. Secondly, you can apply LED strips underneath your bed frame. This will create a stunning atmosphere at night while all the lights are turned off and provide a comfortable night for sleeping.
  3. You can also install strips around the mirror. Today’s teenagers are social media lovers and love to update their social accounts with new videos and pictures. After installing strip lights around the mirror you can click selfies and make videos of yourself in colorful lights.
  4. If you have a computer desk in your dorm room, you can use Strips lights behind the screen of the computer.

Is It Safe To Have Led Strip Lights In Your Room?

Yes, LED strips are a safe and affordable choice to add colors to your room. But you have to be careful while installing the LED strips. If you are not sure about the installation you can get help from an expert.

When you are leaving your room, turn OFF LED strips from a power source. If LED strips stay turned ON for a long time, they will be damaged due to overheating.

So, to avoid overheating you can also install them at the place where fresh air circulates.

If you want to protect your room from Electrical hazards, don’t cover the strips. And don’t install them in areas around curtains or clothes.


If you feel bored in your dorm room you can create an interesting environment for studies using LED strip lights. It will not affect your electricity bill.

LED strips are safe for use if you install them as per instructions.

To use LED strip lights you have to take permission from the owner of dorms. After approval from the owner, you can easily install LED strips in the desired location.

But be careful about the safety of the room.

You have no right to cause any damage to the dorm room. If you cause any damage you have to repair it while leaving the room or you have to pay a fine for it.

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